Frequently Asked Question

Q No.1: What is Khalsa Family Retreat?

Ans:Khalsa Family Retreat is a residential event based in the UK aimed at getting families together to explore Sikhi in a friendly, fun, relaxed and non-judgemental environment. Khalsa Foundation created a residential event aimed at families called Khalsa Family Retreat in 2017, which looks to replicate the success of Khalsa Camp for the whole family, so instead of focusing on the individuals, the focus is switched to the whole family and their spirituality together. Khalsa Family Retreat consists of group workshops about various aspects of Sikhi and family life. The workshops aim to give the delegates an opportunity to explore Sikh concepts with their family members whilst applying it to the real world.

Q No.2: What is the difference between Khalsa Family Retreat and Khalsa Camp?

Ans:Khalsa Family Retreat is tailored towards families learning about Sikhi together and consists of a varied timetable. There are interactive adult workshops, classes for children, creche for the little ones learning and a baby creche for the very new members of the Khalsa family. Alongside this there are a number of family sessions which are aimed at the whole family conducting activities as a family unit. Khalsa Camp is a child free event, aimed at individuals wanting to focus on their own Sikhi whilst connecting with other like-minded individuals.

Q No.3: Who can attend Khalsa Family Retreat?

Ans:Anyone is the simple answer. Khalsa Family Retreat is open to all families, regardless of whether you are at the start of your journey as a family exploring Sikhi or very advance. It is a chance to meet other families who are on the same journey as you.

Q No.4: Are there any age restrictions to attend Khalsa Family Retreat?

Ans:There are no age restrictions in attending Khalsa Family Retreat, from new born babies to great grandparents, all are welcome.

Q No.5: Where does Khalsa Family Retreat take place?

Ans:Generally Khalsa Family Retreat will take place in different venues depending on the availability and costs. For August 2024, KFR will be taking place in Llangrannog, Wales, and in December it will take place in the Midlands in Litchfield which is between Birmingham and Derby.

Q No.6: Is Khalsa Family Retreat only for Sikhs?

Ans:No, anyone is welcome, from any background. Khalsa Family Retreat ethos is based solely on Sikhi and the Sikh way of life, to encourage everyone to take a step towards the Guru together. These teachings are universal for mankind and all are welcome to attend. If you have any questions, just contact us via email at

Q No.7: How much does it costs?

Ans:Prices vary depending on when you book, but the aim of Khalsa Family Retreat is to keep costs to a minimum for delegates. We generally subsidise our events, with the retreat not making a profit and running on a loss. Any profits go back into Khalsa Foundation and Parchar of Sikhi. This is done so that families can afford to attend get the opportunity to attend. We seek to make up any losses through generous donations from the Sadh Sangat. For KFR the opening fee for early registration this summer will be £185 for anyone over 18 years old and £125 for anyone aged between 3 to 17 years old, with those aged 2 and under attending for free. This will be for a limited time so register before the deadline, all the latest offers will be available via the registration form.

Q No.8: I have a baby, do I have to pay?

Ans:Children who are aged 2 and under are free. Children aged between 3 and 17-years-old will qualify for the child rate for the summer Khalsa Family Retreat. The winter prices are yet to be confirmed.

Q No.9: My child is 13-years-old - why do I have to pay adult price at the winter Khalsa Family Retreat?

Ans:Most residential sites only offer discounted rates for children under the age of 12, we then pass these savings onto the families in order to book at cheaper rates for children. Generally sites will charge us adult rates for anyone over the age of 13, therefore we need to charge for them accordingly. Like we have mentioned before, we look to keep our costs as long as possible to enable as many families to be able to afford the cost in order to attend.

Q No.10: What support is there for my child who has neurodiversity needs?

Ans:Whilst we are limited in being able to cater for everything, for KFR 2024, we have made arrangements to accommodate Neurodiverse children more comfortably than in previous years. This will be shown in the application process. What this means is that we will look to cater, where possible, specialist session for those children who have neurodiversity needs such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia etc. We will have Sevadars prepare sessions specifically designed to engage children with neurodiversity, we Sevadars who have knowledge on neurodiversity leading the sessions.

Q No.11: What happens with the money I pay?

Ans:Khalsa Family Retreat is run by Khalsa Foundation, a registered UK charity, our accounts can be found online through the charity commission website. All proceeds generated go towards covering the costs incurred at the event and into future Parchar projects by Khalsa Foundation.

Q No.12: What does the cost cover?

Ans:The booking costs will cover your accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and activities at Khalsa Family Retreat. You may wish to bring some money with you to purchase items at the event on our stalls and to make donations towards Khalsa Family Retreat.

Q No.13: Can I get a discount?

Ans:Khalsa Family Retreat runs of a deficit and we look to do fundraising at KFR as well as throughout the year to make out the financial shortfall. Whilst we are not able to offer discounts, if a family is struggling financially, they should reach out to us via email and we will look to help where possible on a case by case basis.

Q No.14: I am struggling to pay the cost in one go, can I get support?

Ans:Please get in touch with us and we will look to support you with a payment structure if you are struggling to pay in one lump sum.

Q No.15: I can't afford the cost, can I still attend?

Ans:Prices vary depending on when you book, but the aim of Khalsa Family Retreat is to keep costs to a minimum for delegates. We generally subsidise our events, with the retreat not making a profit and running on a loss each year. This is done so that families can afford to attend get the opportunity to attend. We seek to make up any losses through generous donations from the Sadh Sangat. For KFR this summer the opening fee for early registration will be £185 for anyone over 18 years old and £125 for anyone under 17 years old with those under 2 attending for free. This will be for a limited time so register before the deadline, all the latest offers will be available via the registration form. If you require any other assistance in paying, please get in touch and we will look to help you where we can.

Q No.16: I only want to attend as a Sevadar, can I attend for free to do Seva?

Ans:Whilst we appreciate all Sevadars coming forward, we still have to pay the venue for your accommodation and associated costs. All our Sevadars are expected to cover the costs of their stay so that the charity is not left at a disadvantage.

Q No.17: What is your cancellation policy?

Ans:All bookings are done on a non-refundable basis - you should only book if you are certain you will be attending. Further details can be found in our terms and conditions.

Q No.18: Do you provide transport to and from the Khalsa Family Retreat venue?

Ans:We do not provide transport to and from the venue. Delegates are expected to make their own way there. We may be able to support picking people up from a local train station, but you must get this agreed in writing in advance of the event.

Q No.19: Is there parking at the venue?

Ans:There is ample free car parking available at the venue for those registered for KFR.

Q No.20: I am travelling from outside the UK, do you provide transport?

Ans:We do not provide transport to and from KFR, however for anyone travelling from abroad, please get in touch via email and we will look to see if we can provide any assistance.

Q No.21: I am a student, can I attend?

Ans:Yes students are welcome, however Khalsa Family Retreat is geared towards family learning together, so we would encourage to attend alongside your family.

Q No.22: How are rooms allocated?

Ans:Each booking will be provide an ensuite room for their family, which will be pre-allocated before Khalsa Family Retreat and the details emailed to the lead delegate who made the booking.

Q No.23: Can I be allocated more than one room?

Ans:Generally the answer is no, as rooms are mainly made up of between 4 to 8 beds and are allocated depending on the make up of your family e.g. if you have 5 members in your family, you will be allocated a room with 5 beds, if rooms with 5 beds are fully allocated, then you will be allocated a room with 6 beds etc.

Q No.24: Do you offer single occupancy rooms?

Ans:No. If this is something you would like, you would need to contact us and get an agreement in place beforehand. You will need to also pay for the extra beds in your room as a surcharge e.g. if you would like a single occupancy room, which has 4 beds in it, you will need to pay for the extra 3 beds which are not being used in addition to your own booking. There are no one bed bedrooms at the sites we use.

Q No.25: What is the make up of bedrooms? Are they singles, doubles or king size?

Ans:Depending on the site it can vary, but currently, the sites we use are made up of single beds/bunk beds only. So for example at the summer KFR rooms a room for 6 beds will be made up of 3 bunk beds and at the winter KFR a bedroom with 4 beds will contain 2 single beds and 1 bunk bed; a bedroom with 5 beds will contain 1 single bed and 2 bunk beds; a bedroom with 6 beds will contain 3 bunk beds; and a bedroom with 7 beds will contain 1 single bed and 3 bunk beds.

Q No.26: Do you offer accessible rooms with relevant facilities?

Ans:Yes, there will be some accessible rooms available. You should make it known during your booking you require this to ensure you are allocated the relevant room.

Q No.27: What is provided inside the room?

Ans:The rooms will vary depending on the venue we use, but in general you will have beds (bunk beds), an ensuite (generally a shower), mirror and cupboard. Outside the rooms, there will be a communal area for your dorm, which will have a kettle, fridge and washing up facilities for dishes.

Q No.28: Are cots provided for babies in bedrooms?

Ans:There may be limited cots on site, but we encourage anyone needing a cot to bring their own travel cot with them.

Q No.29: I have a baby, will there be milk accessible and heating facilities?

Ans:Each accommodation area will have a small kitchenette with a fridge that will have milk in it. There will also be a microwave and kettle with relevant cups available for anyone wishing to make tea or coffee.

Q No.30: Can I leave my children in the Creche during the day?

Ans:You’re welcome to drop off your children to KFR Crèche if they’re aged between 3 and 5-years-old, but they will need to be toilet trained. For parents who have children under the age of 3, there will be a seperate baby room crèche which you are welcome to use. Some toys and books will be provided but we ask you to stay with your child when using this room.

Q No.31: I would like to help with Seva (volunteering), how can I do this?

Ans:Sevadars are always welcome, drop us an email at and we will be in touch. Let us know what you would like to help with and some of the skills you feel you can bring to the team.

Q No.32: What areas of Seva can I get involved with?

Ans:The list is endless, but here are some areas: Langar Seva - planning, purchasing, cooking Langar; Creche - helping our Creche team with the young children; Workshops - helping deliver workshops to children; Logistics - planning the delivery of all our equipment onto site; Stall management - managing the Khalsa Foundation shop setup during KFR; Activities - planning and delivering activities for all delegates - these are all just to name a few!

Q No.33: I own a business, am I able to put up a stall at KFR?

Ans:No, we do not allow anyone to sell products or goods at KFR other than Khalsa Foundation or our affiliated charity partners.

Q No.34: How do I become an affiliated partner of Khalsa Foundation?

Ans:If you are a registered charity, get in touch on projects we can collaborate on and we will look to build a workshop relationship with you.

Q No.35: My business is Sikhi based, would it be okay for me to sell my products at KFR?

Ans:No, we do not allow anyone to sell products or goods at KFR other than Khalsa Foundation or our affiliated charity partners. If you have Sikhi based products, then get in touch and we can discuss whether Khalsa Foundation may be able to sell them on your behalf.

Q No.36: Can I raise awareness of Sikh courses I run at KFR?

Ans:No, we do not allow advertising of courses which may involve a cost and are not run by an affiliated charity partner.

Q No.37: What should I bring with me to Khalsa Family Retreat?

Ans:A welcome pack will be emailed to you with all the details you need a few weeks prior to Khalsa Family Retreat starting. This will have times to arrive, what to bring, where to go etc. all the details you need. If anything is not answered there or in the FAQs then drop us an email.

Q No.38: What happens when I arrive at Khalsa Family Retreat?

Ans:When you arrive at KFR, there will be light refreshments available, you will be signed in and you will be allocated a room. You will be able to check-in to your room and be given some time to unpack and freshen up. There will then be an introductory talk, followed by Kirtan, Rehras (evening prayer) and Langar.

Q No.39: Do I need to bring any money with me to Khalsa Family Retreat?

Ans:There will be a stall at KFR that will be selling books, clothing, Kirpans, and other items you may wish to purchase. You may also wish to make a donation towards the costs of running KFR.

Q No.40: What food will we be getting during the week?

Ans:The food will be a mix of Eastern and Western diets that should be suitable for everyone.

Q No.41: Will I have access to the Internet?

Ans:Yes, there will be free wifi provided, but this is an opportunity to get away for technology and connect with our families, we encourage everyone not to waste that chance.

Q No.42: Will there be activities and can I take part in the activities?

Ans:Yes, there will be a number of activities throughout the retreat for you and your family to participate in. More details of these will be provided when you arrive at the venue in the welcome talk.

Q No.43: What clothes should I bring?

Ans:We encourage you to bring wheather appropriate clothing and footwear. Please also note there will be opportunities to have family portraits taken, so you may wish to bring some special clothes for this.

Q No.44: Can I have someone visit me at Khalsa Family Retreat?

Ans:Unauthorised visitors will not be allowed on the KFR site. If you need/expect to be visited at KFR you need to arrange this with one of the Sevadars.

Q No.45: What do I need to do if I want to do some Seva?

Ans:Anyone wishing to carry out any Seva (service) such as Chaur Sahib, Kirtan and Ardas (or any other Seva) must ensure that they have showered and are wearing clean Bana (traditional Sikh dress where possible). If you do not have bana, a Sevadar can provide this. You will also be required to cover your head. If you would like your child to be given the opportunity to do Seva, then please speak with one of the Sevadars.

Q No.46: Will Langar cater for my food allergies?

Ans:During the application process you will be asked about any allergies you may have, it is vital you add these there so we can cater for you. During KFR if you have any special dietary requirements, you will be able to let the Langar Sevadars know before each meal. They will be prepared with the relevant food based dietary requirements which you put in your application form and there will be Langar made for your requirements where necessary.

Q No.47: What happens if I or one of my family members gets unwell?

Ans:You should bring any medication you require with you to Khalsa Family Retreat. We are not able to provide you with any medication, therefore you may need to travel to a local shop to get the relevant medication you require. If your condition is considered contagious e.g. chickenpox - you will be asked to leave the venue. More information is available on our terms and conditions page.

Q No.48: What activities will be available at the summer KFR?

Ans:There will be horse riding, indoor rock climbing, tobogganing, skiing, outdoor sports, bon fire and much more.

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