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What is KFR? How is it different from Khalsa Camp? Why should I go to KFR?

For The Whole Family

For The Whole Family

“SadhSangat Kai Aasrai, Prabh Sio Rang Laai” – Through the Saadh Sangat, one falls in love with God – SGGS 966

Young or old, this Sangat experience is for all. Newborns to Bazurag Siane (elders) can take fruit from this camp as it serves to cater for all age groups to grow spiritually, mentally and physically.
Experience of a Lifetime

Experience of a Lifetime

“Hassandia, Khelandia, Painandia, Khavandia, Vichai Hovai Mukath” – Whether laughing, playing, dressing or eating, emancipation can occur – SGGS 522

The KFR experience is a wonderful place to experience the above. A 4 day retreat for the whole family which will be remembered for years to come.
Seva Simran Sangat

Seva Simran Sangat

“Praani Tuu Aaya Laha Lain” – Oh human, you have come here to earn some profit – SGGS 43

As many past campers can attest to, immersing in a week’s worth of vibrations of Naam has transformed many a life. This family experience is a perfect way for the whole household to absorb this flavour together.

REGISTRATION | KFR 2024 will take place this summer - fully sold out

This year's retreat takes place in the summer for the first time from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd August 2024

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